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Yuning CHANG noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The takeaway we ordered online today was delivered by the boss himself, punctual and efficient, the food was very hot when it was received, no different from what we ate in the store, and the boss lady met all the requirements for notes. I have been to the store many times, and the proprietress is very considerate and enthusiastic. There is nothing to say about the taste of the dishes. There are no dishes that are thunderous, and the barbecue and desserts are also yyds. It is definitely worth a visit. (Original) 我们今天在网上点的外卖,外卖都是老板亲自送的,准时高效,菜收到的时候特别热和在店里吃的没区别,而且备注的要求老板娘一一满足。店里也去过很多回,老板娘服务很周到,十分热情。菜品的味道更是没得说,没有踩雷的菜,烧烤和甜品也是yyds,绝对值得一去。

8 months ago
xiaoyan li noted on Google

(Translated by Google) When it first opened, I came here to eat once, then left Paris, and came back today, it was still delicious, and the service attitude was also very good. I brought foreigners and friends from Wenzhou today. I can’t eat spicy food, so I didn’t order anything. I like it Yes, come again next time (Original) 它家刚开业时,来吃过一回,之后离开巴黎,今天再来,还是很好吃,服务态度也很好,今天带了老外和温州的朋友,不能吃辣,都没咋点我爱吃的,下次再来吃

8 months ago
Guanda Ren noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Highly recommended and very tasty. (Original) 非常推荐,非常好吃。

9 months ago
Pape NGOM noted on Google

(Translated by Google) A good time with friends around delicious dishes with different flavors. Another way to discover the culinary riches of China...🤤🤤😋😋 (Original) Un bon moment entre amis autours de délicieux petits plats aux saveurs différentes. Une autre façon de découvrir les richesses culinaires de la Chine…🤤🤤😋😋

9 months ago
谢淳轶 noted on Google

(Translated by Google) The taste is good, will patronize again (Original) 味道不错,还会光顾

9 months ago
Benoit Carra noted on Google

9 months ago
沈华 noted on Google

9 months ago
Jimmy Qiu noted on Google

(Translated by Google) good service (Original) 很好的服务

9 months ago
Thor Gummy noted on Google

(Translated by Google) First of all, I went with my friends and we didn't make an appointment. We asked the waiter if we could dine in. The waiter told us that we could wait and leave a phone number, so we left the phone number. After waiting for twenty minutes, they didn't necessarily call us. Let's just think about the takeaway.. We ordered neither too much nor too little. After 20 minutes passed, we went in and asked the waiter to tell us to do it again. Okay, let's continue to wait for nothing. We waited another twenty-five minutes, that is to say, when we went in for forty-five minutes, we asked that the waitress should be the proprietress. The proprietress told us that we haven't started to make it yet. My friend and I couldn't wait any longer and it rained every day. We walked for forty minutes to come to this restaurant to eat, and it was so disappointing in the end. If there are vacant seats, you will not be allowed to eat because you have to book in advance. To line up outside. (Original) 首先第一点我跟朋友一起去的我们没有预约时间.我们就问了一下服务员能不能堂食服务员就跟我们说可以等一等可以留个电话号码我们就留了电话号码。等了二十几分钟也不见得打电话给我们。我们就想着那外卖吧..我们点了也不多也不少、再已过去二十分钟的时候我们进去了问一下服务员跟我们说再做了。好的、那我们继续等没事的。再我们又等了二十五分钟也就是说四十五分钟的时候我们进去问了那个女服务员应该是老板娘。老板娘跟我们说还没开始做。我跟朋友就等不下去了就下雨天天我们走了四十分钟来这家店吃到最后这样也太让人失望了。有空位子也不让吃因为要提前预定。要在外头排队。

9 months ago
晚安 noted on Google

(Translated by Google) Give a five-star praise, refuse customers, the table is empty and not allowed to eat 😁 (Original) 给个五星好评 拒客 桌子空着不让吃饭😁

9 months ago

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